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The NSDT Scalping Channel

This indicator is a translation from tradingview.com of the “NSDT Scalping Channel” indicator developed
by “NorthStarDayTrading”.
This script uses the highs and lows of the candles (instead of the close) to make a “channel” to reference while scalping. Use the green lower line as a guide to go long and the red upper line as a guide to go short. You may use the lines as potential entry points and direction but you may want to consider exiting before the opposite colored line prints, as that may be too late. As always, entries and exits are at the discretion of each trader.
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The Roofing Filter

The Roofing Filter Indicator was created by John Ehlers (“Cycle Analytics for Traders” pg. 80 – 82). When the indicator crosses over its signal then it is a short term uptrend and when it crosses below its signal then it is a short term downtrend. It is also in a major uptrend or downtrend when it is above 0 and below 0 respectively. Buy when the indicator line is green and sell when the indicator line turns red. Continue reading

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