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Ehlers Leading Indicator

The Leading Indicator was created by John Ehlers (Cybernetic Analysis For Stocks And Futures pg 235) and as the name implies, this is a leading indicator that provides super early signals. Feel free to change the alpha values to adjust to your needs. Buy when the indicator line is green and sell when it is red.

NinjaTrader acquires Tradovate

NinjaTrader is thrilled to share the recent announcement that it has acquired Tradovate Holdings, LLC, a leading online futures brokerage firm and trading technology provider. The acquisition strengthens NinjaTrader’s industry leading position as we continue to modernize the retail futures trading experience for our valued Vendor Program participants and their communities. As the organizations are integrated, there will be opportunities to expand our product offerings with more information to be shared in the coming months.

COT Any Where Indicator

The “COT Any Where” Indicator is a simple modification of the supplied COT Indicator. It is known that “COT” is not displayed on some instruments.
“COT Any Where” Indicator is displayed on all instruments and on all timeframes.
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