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  • Q: How to buy here?
    A: Very simple. You need to write to me. All contact methods are listed here.
    The buyer tells me the data for linking the purchased script to his account: For MT 4, 5 – account numbers (up to 5 pieces). For NinjaTrader 8 – MachineID (also up to 5 pieces). This is how licensing is done.
    The source code in both cases is not provided.
  • Q: NinjaTrader MachineID – what is it?
    A: This is an important setting. You will need it to make a purchase.

    Small video tutorial here:

  • Q: How to set an indicator, strategy, etc. in NinjaTrader 8?
    A: NinjaTrader Install a 3rd Party Indicator or App. It’s very simple.

    Here is a short video owned by the developer

  • Q: How to Remove Indicator in NinjaTrader 8 ?
    A: Our video on the subject.

    Small video tutorial here:

Политика обработки персональных данных