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Smart Money Concept [FxStill]

This Indicators is an important part of the Smart Money Concepts (SMC) system 🙂
Our indicator uses modern views on the market and fast calculation methods. As a result, the trader receives a complete picture at the current moment, which makes the process of making a profit easier!

Our new indicator displays the following most important patterns:

  1. Order Blocks.
  2. Imbalance – Fair Value Gap (FVG).
  3. Break Of Structures (BoS).
  4. Change of character (CHoCH).
  5. Equal highs & lows.
  6. Premium, Equilibrium and Discount zones.
  7. Pivot turning points.

Order blocks are supply and demand zones in which institutional market participants place large orders. On the chart, the order block looks like a range in which the price turns under pressure from institutional investors.
The price block order can be interpreted as follows:
1. Support or resistance zone. An order block is an area where a significant number of buy or sell orders are located. This creates strong support or resistance – a channel within which the price moves.
2. Stop loss zone. A block order is an area where traders place stop losses to protect positions from potential losses. When the price reaches this area, many of them can be activated, which will lead to a trend reversal.

An Imbalance Zone is a certain part of the price impulse caused by an imbalance between buyers and sellers. A method for recognizing an imbalance is a gap (the price gap between the close of the previous trading period and the opening of the next one). To enter the market, use testing or breakdown of this zone.

Calculations and displays are performed simultaneously for two modes:

  • Swing (longer period).
  • Internal (with a shorter period).
MetaTrader terminal Input parameters MetaTrader 4, 5 Input parameters MetaTrader 4, 5

Indicator in the MetaTrader terminal.

NinjaTrader 8 terminal Input parameters NinjaTrader 8 Input parameters NinjaTrader 8

Indicator in the NinjaTrader 8 terminal.

To increase display speed, the “depth” of calculations on history is adjusted.
Each visual display element can be turned on and off.
The color, size and style of elements can be configured separately.
A toggleable help window is displayed to help you determine the type of pivot points.

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Name MetaTrader 4 MetaTrader 5 NinjaTrader 8
Smart Money Concept [FxStill] $65 $65 $75
How to buy? Just write to me here, or in Telegram. Be sure to read the F.A.Q.

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