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New free scripts: CloneChartMT4 & CloneChartMT45

Performs cloning of the graph on which it is executed.

Opens the same graph with the same graphical constructions, a set of indicators (with the preservation of parameters), and the rest of the elements. In fact, there is a deep copying of the original schedule with the transfer of the template to the opened chart. The symbol and timeframe of the original graphic are also saved.

Download for MT5

Download for MT4



  1. Do you have a script or indicator that can hide objects on chart (trendlines, horizontal lines, Rectangles, fib Ret, fib Exp. etc)? We have a dilemma with mt4 when you draw lines on a chart and try to view other charts all the lines from previous charts appear and cluster your charts. Since you have a script to clone charts do you have something to hide objects from other charts since one are viewing a particular chart so that lines from other charts do not appear on present chart? i would appreciate if you do have something like that and would like to share. or any proposed solution to this problem.

    Best regards

  2. You may need to change the color of the objects you want to hide. Make them the same color as the background

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