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New Indicator: VSAMultiByTimeMT4 for Volume Spread Analysis

The VSAMultiByTimeMT4 indicator is used to build volume spread and delta histograms ( VSA – Volume spread analysis ) in a separate window, as well as various VSA patterns. Building can be done in various ways. Works very well with another VSA indicator – VSAMultiAnalize .

Input parameters:

  • View Type. Ways to display.
    • Volume by Time. Volume values with a moving average (set by default).
    • Buy & Sell. Volumes “to buy” and volumes “to sell” separately in the form of two histograms. Each histogram has its own moving average.
    • Delta. Delta values. In this mode, there is no moving average.
  • Volume Type. TICK – Tick volume is used (by default), REAL – Real.
  • Max candles count. The maximum number of candles to calculate, which would reduce the calculation time.
  • Period Average for Histo. The period of the moving average on the histograms.
  • Period Average for Candles. The period of the second moving average, which is used when searching for VSA patterns.
  • “From Filter volume” to “Delta small size” are the parameters of the filter block. Candles with a small volume, delta, spread, doji are not considered.
  • From “Show Divergence” to “Show Up / Reverse – Pseudo / Thrust” are the display options for various VSA patterns:
    • Divergence
    • Stop volume
    • Buy / Sell Climax
    • Up / Reverse – Pseudo / Thrust
  • “Average Breakdown Report” and “Volume Patterns notify”. Ways to notify about the breakdown by the level of the moving average volume, or the appearance of a new VSA pattern:
    • No Signal. No Signals
    • Sound + Message.            Beep and Pop-up Alert
    • Push.                              Notification
    • Email.                             Email
    • Push + Sound + Message.  More than various combinations of the described methods.
    • Email + Sound + Message
    • Push + Email
    • Push + Email + Sound + Message
  • From “Color for Buy” to “Color Average”. Settings for displaying histograms and patterns — colors and lines thickness.Attention! Additional information on patterns, moving averages, etc. is in the attached file.

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