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The Cyber Cycle: John Ehlers

The Cyber Cycle was created by John Ehlers (Cybernetic Analysis For Stocks And Futures pg 34). Find this book on my Telegram channel (don’t forget to subscribe).

It gives great entry and exit signals when you enter when it is at the bottom or at the very top during a cycle. When it is above 0 then the stock is in a strong uptrend and when it is below 0 then the stock is in a strong downtrend. It is also very reactive as well with zero lag according to Ehlers . Buy when the indicator line is green and sell when it is red.


  1. hi, i imported the cyber cycle into ninjatrader 8. yet, i don’t see it listed among the indicators as i have imported other add on indicators before. where do i access it within ninjatrader?

  2. Hi.
    The indicator is imported into a separate folder. Look for the “AUN_Indi” folder at the beginning of the list of indicators. It contains the “Ehlers” folder and the “EhlersCyberCycle” indicator in it.
    I write a lot for NinjaTrader and therefore do a complex folder structure.

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