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New Expert Adviser MoveUp MT4, MT5

MoveUp scalper – grid with a customizable work schedule, using nonlinear averaging. Optimized for working on the EURUSD pair in the Asian and London sessions, where the risk is minimal. Used stop loss, take profit – regular and virtual. There is a regular trail.

In the Downloads for this article (at the bottom of the page):

  1. PDF instruction.
  2. Reports on work on different pairs (html format).
  3. The free version of the adviser for working in the MT tester.

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Use it to quickly disperse a deposit, to work on cent accounts and at the same time withdraw profit. Check it by working in the tester and see the wide possibilities of flexible parameter settings. The main ones:

  • At Sartup.
    • NORMAL START – Default value.
    • ABNORMAL STOP – Ban on all actions. Open positions close.
    • PAUSE – Ban on all actions..
  • Martingale Param – Next Lot Calculation Parameter.
  • MaxGridStep – Distance from the weighted average price to the next position.
  • MinGridStep – Minimum distance between adjacent positions.
  • Number of grids per day – Maximum number of closed networks per day. A closed network is a network that is completely closed by profit, or stop loss until the end of the day. The parameter does not allow opening the next network if the number of previously closed networks is equal to this parameter.
  • Distance from the opening of trading – The grid will be open after the price moves away from the opening price of the day at a given distance.
  • Stop loss in deposit currency.
  • Profit in points.
  • BaseLot – From this volume, the opening of the grid begins..
  • Use trail, Start trail, Step trail – Trail Parameters.
  • What to do if stop loss – EA reaction to stop loss. Parameters are described in the first line. The default value is PAUSE.
  • Max lot per day – The maximum total volume of transactions per trading day.
  • Max spread.
  • Max profit per day in currency – The maximum total profit per trading day.
  • Slippage.
  • Use virtual stop loss and profit – If the parameter is set to true, then stop loss and take profit will not be set. The positions are controlled by an adviser and marks trading levels with lines.
  • Magic
  • Rights for every day of the week – Schedule for each day of the week, separated by commas. The default is “1,2,2,2,2,3,3”, which means:
    • Sunday is the prohibition of everything, (1 – DENY_ALL).
    • From Monday to Thursday all actions are allowed, (2 – ALLOW_ALL).
    • Friday – ban on opening new grids,(3 – ALLOW_CONTINUE).
    • Saturday is the prohibition of everything, (1 – DENY_ALL).
  • Rights for one trading day – Action on any trading day when trading is permitted. Default is ALLOW_MODIFY (trail tracking only).
  • BeginInterval1 – Beginning of the first time interval in the trading day (default for Moscow: 1).
  • EndInterval1 – The end of the first time interval in the trading day (default for Moscow: 12).
  • RightInterval1 – Permissions for the first trading interval.

——————————– There are five such intervals ————— ——–

  • Buy / Sell color -The colors of the horizontal line segments showing the position of the weighted average price of the buy and sell grids.
  • If Stop/Freeze levels == 0 use Spread * ? – If the broker reports that Stop / Freeze levels are zero, then the spread value multiplied by the value of this parameter is used for calculations.

1. ATTENTION. Understanding scheduling. The level of rights is as follows:

  • UNDEFINED – Undefined (0)
  • DENY_ALL – All forbidden (1)
  • ALLOW_ALL – All allowed (2), new grids, opening and modification of positions.
  • ALLOW_CONTINUE – Continue grid (3) , opening and modification of positions.
  • ALLOW_MODIFY – Only Modify (4) , modification of positions.

Permission for the day of the week has the highest priority and limit the EA’s capabilities on a particular trading day. The parameter “Rights for one trading day” determines what the EA can at any time, on any trading day. By default, these rights are limited.. The following are five time intervals that determine the work of the EA during the day. Rights in the intervals overlap the rights on the trading day, but cannot be higher than the rights of the day of the week. In this EA, the rights are configured in such a way as to give the EA maximum rights in the Asian and the beginning of the European session. ATTENTION! In your area, the time may differ from the default here.

2. Understanding the dashboard. The panel contains help information and three control buttons:
The color of the title and the highlighted button indicates the state in which the EA is:

  • Start – green, status – NORMAL START.
  • Stop – red, status – ABNORMAL STOP.
  • Pause – yellow, status – PAUSE.

The states change either at the start of the EA by changing the “At Sartup” parameter, or upon loss. This is controlled by the “What to do if stop loss” parameter.

The states can be changed by clicking the corresponding button.

In the event that the “Pause” state is set, then it will reset to the “Start” state when the next day occurs. The set “Stop” state is not automatically reset and remains so until the EA is restarted, or until the button is clicked.

Next is a table with statistics:

The horizontal values ​​are for the current trading day (Day), for yesterday’s trading day (YDAY) and for the current week (WEEK). The table has two rows – the first with the results of trade (Profit) and the second with the total traded volume (LotSum).

After the table there are two rows with changing values of the current EA rights. The first line is the right of the current hour, the second is the right of the current day of the week.

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3. Success and profit!

  • zip MoveUp_en.pdf
    File size: 42 KB
  • zip Reports
    Reports: eurusd, eurchf, eurgbp, gbpusd, usdchf
    File size: 2 MB
  • zip MoveUp_free
    Free version. Only for MT5 tester
    File size: 410 KB

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